The Pork Book is the second book in a series of industry guides published by Urner Barry in conjunction with the North American Meat Institute, complementing The Beef Book published in 2014. The Beef Book received industry-wide attention, heralded as a valuable primer on the inter-workings of the beef industry.

Both seasoned industry veterans and newcomers to the food and agriculture sector have praised the easy-toread guides, which outline history, breeds, production, processing, cuts and preparation, along with animal health, food safety and statistical overviews! Through detailed info-graphics, the book boasts visuallystunning learning tools that can be referenced time and time again.
The Pork Book is a necessary companion for anyone working within the food industry or related agricultural segments. It is also an ideal reference for anyone looking to learn more about pork, including consumers, students, and new entrants to the business.

  • 120+ Full color, spiral bound pages
  • 10 Chapters spanning packing, production, animal welfare, preparation, pork cuts and pricing
  • Perfect for staff training and culinary curriculums
  • Quizzes and key terms for each chapter
  • Contributions from a host of experts.