The Beef Book

The Beef Book

The Beef Book


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Updates include:

- An updated version of the packing plant infographic. Now a more detailed, two-page spread allowing you to see inside the packing plant.
- Newly updated charts with the latest market trends including:
  • Grading
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Consumption
  • Imports/Exports
  • Cattle Inventory
  • Prices of the most popular cuts

The Beef Book: Fundamentals of the Beef Trade from Ranch to Table is a new book which enables people of all educational and professional backgrounds to obtain an expeditious education about the history and nature of the beef industry. Published by Urner Barry, in association with the North American Meat Institute, The Beef Book conveys fundamental concepts of the beef trade with simple easy-to-read language, infographics, and charts. In just a few hours people can vastly improve their knowledge of beef. Because this is something that people want to bring around, the book is a small size and easy to carry.

  • 120+ Full color, spiral bound pages
  • 10 Chapters spanning packing, production, grading, preparation, beef cuts and pricing
  • Perfect for staff training and culinary curriculums
  • Quizzes and key terms for each chapter
  • Contributions from a host of experts including university professors, chefs and beef industry professionals
Volume Discounts Available!
1-4 Books $54.00 Each
5-24 $52.00 Each
25+ $50.00 Each

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