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Urner Barry's Price-Current is our daily market price newspaper serving the poultry, egg and dairy industries. This fact-packed publication is loaded with all the information you need in your daily operations. Our reporters research, study, and then report all the markets for you, whether they are unsettled, declining, or advancing.

The reporters track chicken, chicken parts, turkey, turkey parts, raw fowl, butter, table grade eggs, frozen, liquid and dry products, fats, oils, cheese, and milk. Bids, offers, and most importantly sales, are verified before our quotations are issued and a brief resume of market conditions written.

New features allow for quicker, more informed decisions:
  • A more organized layout
  • Color coded changes to indicate direction
  • Select market analysis
  • Live links to COMTELL history for subscribers
  • Additional advertising opportunities
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This e-mail report is a subscription service and is automatically charged to your credit card. Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual billing options are available and offer a cost savings. Discounts from the monthly rate are reflected above.